Solar Thermal
Solar thermal: How it works in video

A solar thermal system uses the sun’s radiation to convert it directly into heat (heat energy).
There are two types of technology for exploiting solar thermal energy:

Low temperature solar thermal

The sun’s rays, trapped by glazed thermal collectors, transmit the renewable energy (solar energy) to metal absorbers – which heat a network of copper pipes through which a heat transfer fluid circulates. This heat exchanger in turn heats the water stored in a hot water tank. A solar water heater produces domestic hot water or heating, usually through a “direct solar floor”. All devices that act as solar thermal collectors are increasingly integrated into bioclimatic architecture projects (solar houses, greenhouses, collector walls, etc.).

High temperature solar thermal

The concentration of solar radiation on a collection surface makes it possible to obtain very high temperatures, generally between 400°C and 1,000°C. The solar heat (solar energy) produces steam which feeds a turbine which in turn feeds a generator which produces electricity, this is heliothermodynamics.
Three different technologies are used in concentrating solar power plants to produce this solar energy. In parabolic concentrators, the sun’s rays converge on a single point, the focus of a parabola. We build thermodynamic solar plants: concentrated solar furnaces.
For its solar thermal systems, Winsolartech uses “active” low temperature solar thermal technology. This is a solar water heating system that works on a simple principle: the energy from the sun’s rays is absorbed by flat-plate collectors that work on the principle of the greenhouse effect. The stored heat is then transported through a “primary” circuit containing a heat transfer mixture of water and antifreeze.
Through a heat exchanger, the heat transfer fluid in the primary circuit transfers its thermal energy to the domestic water in the tank of a second insulated circuit. The cooled heat transfer liquid is then returned to the collectors to be reheated. When the heated water in the tank is used, it is replaced by cold water from the network, heated according to the same principle.
The heat from solar radiation can also be used to cool a building.

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